Resume/CV Revamp

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Get your resume ready for a teaching career abroad!

I’ll review your old resume and optimize it for the world of international teaching. You’ll receive the following:

• a document assessment to identify strengths and weaknesses of your current resume/CV
• an updated and revamped resume/CV designed especially for the international teaching market (PDF)
• an unformatted text file to copy/paste into electronic application forms

After completing the checkout process, you will receive the link so you can submit your old resume for review.

2 reviews for Resume/CV Revamp

  1. Jaco Stein

    As someone who is currently not working in the industry they majored in, Adalia has been a tremendous help in compiling my resume.
    The process of compilation and improvement started by me sending her my old resume, which she read and evaluated. She responded quickly and advised me on exactly what must be changed, added, or omitted. She was professional yet direct, giving specific advice that was applicable to my situation. As a result, my resume is now a quick study and much more attractive to future employers.

  2. Rina du Bruyn

    It was really enjoyable to work with Adalia as she not only helped me with constructing my resume, but she helped me to see what my strengths are and how to put those strengths into words to promote myself. I really had a pleasant experience with her and all the advice she gave me. After I finished my resume with her, I did got a new job within 2 weeks.

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