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    4 Things to Know Before Moving China

    Is China a good country for foreigners? I did a quick Google search of the best countries for expats and in particular, black expats. Guess what? China (excluding Hong Kong) was rarely listed. Yet there are more and more foreigners moving here each year. If you’re looking for a locale with a low cost of living and strong savings potential, then China might be the right place for you. Did you catch my use of the word “might”? China is a country of contradictions. Things will often defy logic. Stuff won’t make sense. If you try to understand China using…

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    Apps that Make Travel Easier

    In another life, I worked helping teachers use technology with their students, but I don’t think of myself as especially techy. Gadgets aren’t my thing. You’ll never find me standing in line to buy the latest cell phone, tablet or…

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    Why I Will Not Fly WOW Air Again

    WOW airlines has positioned themselves as the budget upstart that can do transatlantic flights better than the big boys at much cheaper fares. For an airline founded just five years ago, they are definitely making a name for themselves. Let…

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    A Tropical Thanksgiving in Honduras

    As I mentioned before one of the perks of teaching at an international school is that we get time off for both local Honduran and US holidays. Last month we had a four day weekend for Thanksgiving, a holiday which…

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    Teaching Abroad

    Finding a Teaching Job Abroad

    I came to a decision last spring that I would spend the next four years (while my youngest finished high school) saving as much money as I could so that I could move abroad after she graduated. In October it…